KRISS Vector Razorback Modular Rail is Here

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KRISS Vector Razorback Modular Rail is Here

Post by Tangent on Wed Jul 19, 2017 2:49 pm

So I saw a picture of a free float hand guard on KRISS' website and gave them a call.  Apparently it is called the Razorback (spelling?) and they are releasing this week. Pay attention to the front hand guard in the photo.

Do you guys like the look too?

Thanks, ~T


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Re: KRISS Vector Razorback Modular Rail is Here

Post by jsha22lr on Fri Jul 21, 2017 9:45 am

The fact that it is not MLOK is a turn off. They waisted all that space when they could have made a superior mounting system. Not like I would buy it anyways. Its made for the rifles, not the pistols. When Kriss decides to make a scout light mount that bolts directly to their gun, then I will buy more accessories from them. The fact that two body pins cost 30$ is ridiculous.


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